Cork Compound

Cork Compoumd


Nexgen C Nature is a thermoplastic elastomer based compound which is Synthetic corks, made from plastic compounds designed to look and "pop" like natural cork, but without the risk of TCA contamination. The cork compound will be produced with renewable raw material in addition of different fillers, plasticizers, and stabilizers. Hardness: 55A - 45D   Density: 0.89 - 0,95
Why you should use our Cork Compound
  • Resistant to moisture and water
  • Resistant to sweat and hand cream
  • Different base materials are possible
  • Cork optics
  • Different colors are possible
  • Natural non-slip effect
  • Soft touch surface
  • Customizable materials
  • Grindable
  • UV resistant
  • Low density
  • Works through extrusion, injection moulding, or thermoforming
  • Good abrasion
  • Can be foamed with blowing agents (0,40 to 0,50 gr/cm3 Density)