Cross Linked Butyl Rubber


Nexgen XL is a partially cross linked Butyl Rubber. BUTYL XL can be used whenever the benefits of butyl rubber are desired. These benefits include: Exceptional gas & moisture impermeability, excellent thermal stability and low temperature performance, and good chemical and aging resistance. They can be used as a base polymer or as an additive to provide rubber properties even in highly filled formulations. Their unique, uniform pellet size provides processing advantages in rapid mixing and solvenation as the butyl is pre-masticated and pre-vulcanized.
 Where should you use our XL Compound
  • BUTYL XL™ Partially Cross Linked Butyl Rubber Products
  • Acoustical and vibration damping
  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Butyl tapes for architectural glazing, weatherproofing, and general industrial sealing
  • Butyl tapes for automotive windshields
  • Butyl tapes for vacuum injection molding
  • Butyl caulks
  • Construction Adhesives
  • Rubber compounds
  • Tire sealants
  • Roof Coatings
  • Hot Melt compounds