Masterbatch Compound


Nexgen MB Magic is a polymer based Materbatch compound. The color masterbatches are used for coloring plastic products, while the other additive masterbatches provide certain properties of the end products, such as UV stabilization, flame retardancy, antistatic, or antiblocking plus combination masterbatches. With a dosage of 0.5% to 4% the most desirable properties can be achieved for most polymers.
Why you have to use our Masterbatch Compound
  • Processing aids masterbatch
  • UV stabilizers masterbatch
  • Thermostabilizers masterbatch
  • Antibacterial masterbatch
  • Flame retardant with or without halogen masterbatch
  • Biocide additives masterbatch
  • Antistatic agents masterbatch
  • Anti-blocking agents masterbatch
  • Anti-fog masterbatch
  • NIR and IR absorbers masterbatch
  • lubricant masterbatch